What We Do

At E2 Life Coaching we focus specifically on helping
individuals and the leadership and staff within businesses.

Group Coaching

Executive Coaching for the leadership and staff in the business

Raise the expertise, skills and thinking process of your leadership with our executive coaching services. Lesley, a financial services professional turned Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and Executive Coach, guides leaders to navigate challenges, set growth goals, and foster a people-centric approach. Transform your leadership team, drive organisational excellence, and achieve the long-term success with our tailored coaching journey. When working with the people within the business, Lesley empowers and enlightens the team by coaching and training individually and/or in appropriate groups.

Family Business owners

Executive Coaching for Family Business

Lesley has a particular interest in the different types of challenges facing the staff and leadership in family businesses. Focusing on the unique conflicts and the emotional burden, Lesley had developed a specialized and harmonize unique coaching method to create tailored guidance to align family visions and family relationships, facilitate smooth succession plans, deal with the unique family-based conflicts, and drive strategic growth. Our expert coaching will help you to transform challenges into opportunities, ensuring the success and legacy of your family business.

One on One Personal Coaching

Life Coaching for Individuals

Now is always the best time to start your journey of personal transformation with our life coaching services. Lesley, a certified Life Coach and Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, leads the program of tailored journeys for individuals seeking positive change. These journeys include a process of unlocking your full potential, overcome challenges, and achieve personal goals with our dedicated life coaching programs. For those affected by grief and trauma, Lesley is specifically qualified to assist in people’s recovery journey.

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