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Who is our founder Lesley Callow?

Lesley Callow was raised in Cape Town and worked in the financial services industry until her retirement in 2019.

Lesley has always believed in lifelong learning, qualified as a Financial Planner and achieved great success in her studies in project management, process design and efficiency management.

In 2008 Lesley started coaching in the evenings and weekends. After moving with her daughter to Johannesburg in 2013 Lesley gained formal qualifications in the coaching arena.  Lesley is qualified as a Master Neuro Linguistic practitioner, Life and Executive coach. Lesley is also certified in the TIR method of trauma facilitation.

Now, Lesley does more than just help clients to see their world differently. She has a dogged determination to guide every client to unlock the keys that will define their future as magnificent and awe inspiring… just the way they want it to be.

Lesley is also a specialist in grief, loss and bereavement recovery, facilitating regular programs on this topic.

As a certified trainer, Lesley also trains future NLP coaches as this simultaneously fulfils her highest values of lifelong learning, teaching and connection with self and others.

No matter what hat she is wearing Lesley’s life vision is consistently to radiate enlightenment and empowerment to people enabling their inner genius to design the ultimate life they love.

Today, Lesley feels blessed to have clients in almost 50 countries around the world.  

Lesley’s life has not been without its challenges of bereavement and loss and yet Lesley has found a way to rise above the challenge each time. Using tried and self-tested strategies Lesley has been able to reposition herself and her life, each time, leading to greater and greater things.

Lesley and her daughter now live in Johannesburg, South Africa, where new life chapters have started for both.