Business Coaching

Within the E2 Life Coaching banner, Lesley runs a separate executive coaching focus helping business owners resolve their challenges, set, and achieve their restructure and growth goals. Lesley’s speciality focus is on the people aspect of a business. She does not focus on the mechanics of the business, the profit/loss statistics etc. Given that in every business the people in leadership and the staff are the greatest asset and at the same time the greatest investment, Lesley believes that when the right people do the right thing at the right time, business success is the inevitable result. The challenge facing most businesses is that the Owner and/or Leadership are usually so involved in the day-to-day requirements of doing business that they do not have the capacity to innovate and create the future vision. This is where Lesley’s unique combination of knowledge, skills and experience are best suited to guiding the Owner and/or Leadership in creating Company specific designed solutions and implementation strategies. While Lesley has a diverse people focus within ailing or expanding businesses, she has recently successfully guided Companies to do the following:


  • Create exit strategies for Business owners and Key individuals
  • Build succession plans for Business Owners and Key individuals
  • Business continuity plans in the event of business or natural disaster
  • Departmental or company-wide restructure
  • Process design, documentation, and revision
  • Expansion/growth preparation and planning
  • Coaching of Leadership, staff individually and teams (e.g. Conflict management, change management, Performance standards and achievement, etc.)
  • Target and goal setting, monitoring and achievement
  • Client engagement and management
  • Accountability, responsibility, and delegation structures
  • Managing dysfunctional teams or individuals
  • Decision making and empowerment
  • Risk identification and management
  • Building and managing effective teams
  • Creating empowering leaders
  • Development of existing leaders
  • Development of staff into leadership roles
  • Etc.


We strive to help you the business owner to be prepared to tackle your business and how you can grow your business. Instead of giving you stats and giving you information on expanding your business- we help you, the business owner to grow in the capacity of your role as an entrepreneur.

To book a free 30 minute discovery session with Lesley, please either email her on, or use the Contact Us link below.