Special Day Packages

All packages options have been designed so you can choose the option that best match your needs.

During the complimentary session you and your coach will co-create a unique plan of action to address your specific challenges.

An Example of such a plan could be the Destiny Creator program. During this program you and your coach will have a look at whether your values and goals are aligned with your purpose, formalise your goals and set step by step action plans, discover what makes you unique etc.


This is an exclusive one on one coaching all day session where all the outcomes of the individual sessions and much more are achieved in a really short space of time. This intensive immersive session is designed for people who are looking to achieve a lot very quickly.

This option is only available to clients that have completed a complimentary introductory session.

Group Day

As with the VIP day, the Group day is an intensive session during which the participants cover a lot of techniques and is perfect for team building, groups of friends who want to grow and develop together.

Coaching hours and venues:

All sessions are conducted by appointment only during the following hours:
Weekdays between 18h00 and 20h00 Saturdays between 14h00 and 18h00.
The coaching hours have been especially scheduled to accommodate clients who would find it difficult to attend a session during traditional business hours therefore giving clients the flexibility to schedule sessions when convenient.

Individual coaching sessions are conducted via Skype, Go-To meeting (or similar) or telephone at a mutually convenient agreed time. Telephone costs are covered by the client.

VIP and Group sessions venues will be mutually agreed.