Just like a sportsman hires a coach so that he/she can be the best in their chosen sport, so people hire a life coach to help them to become the best versions of themselves and live the lifestyle of their dreams. Life coaching is not a substitute for recognized medically based therapies, but is a purposeful conversation that inspires people to create the life that they really want. In the complicated and busy world we live in it is difficult to spend time to focus…Continue Reading “Life Coach vs Life Strategy coach”

A coach will work with you to design a tailor-made package of tools and techniques to help you achieve your goals and so it is important that as a coaching client you are totally invested in the process to ensure that your get maximum benefit . Your coach will help you to identify and create opportunities where you can grow but you do need to be ready to “do the work” as no-one can do that for you. Your coach can help you to understand…Continue Reading “Role of the coach and the client”

Challenge – a coach will challenge your thought patterns and beliefs to ensure that they serve your goals Question – your coach will listen and question in an impartial and judgement free manner Identify – help you to identify problems, issues, hurdles that are stopping you from achieving your goals and dream life and then create an action plan to address them Develop new skills – once problems and hurdles are identified your coach will help you with tools and techniques to craft the solutions….Continue Reading “Advantages of having a coach”

Is the current life that you have not the life that you really want? Do you have an unfulfilled dream that will change your life? Are you in control of your life and decisions? Are circumstances in your life changing and you are finding it tough to make the change? Do you know that you have unrealised potential? Do you have any thoughts or beliefs that are preventing you from living the life that you really want? Have you recently been through a life changing…Continue Reading “Do you need the help of a coach”