Life Coach vs Life Strategy coach

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Just like a sportsman hires a coach so that he/she can be the best in their chosen sport, so people hire a life coach to help them to become the best versions of themselves and live the lifestyle of their dreams.

Life coaching is not a substitute for recognized medically based therapies, but is a purposeful conversation that inspires people to create the life that they really want.

In the complicated and busy world we live in it is difficult to spend time to focus on one’s own needs and dreams. By working with a life coach he/she will help you to retain the necessary focus to keep on moving forward toward achieving your goals.

In the process of life coaching your coach will ask a series of probing questions designed to help you to rediscover things about you that you have long forgotten but which guide your decisions, thoughts and behaviours and in so doing helps you to understand how your life has been affected.

A life strategy coach focuses on helping people to develop themselves, create a balanced life, determine your life purpose, set and plan for achieving your goals and creating a step by step roadmap to help you keep focused on your dreams. A life strategy coach gives clients the structure and framework they need to fast track them to success.

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